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aText-TV - Terms of Use

Description of the application

aText-TV (the application) is a mini browser that enables users to browser teletext pages located in the Internet. The difference between a normal browser and aText-TV is that aText-TV is optimized for teletext pages browsing usability with Android phones. aText-TV doesn’t provide the content (teletext pages) and it doesn’t copy the teletext pages anywhere.

The operation of the application depends on the content providers of the teletext pages. If a content provider removes or changes the access for his teletext pages then the concerned channel won’t operate in aText-TV.

aText-TV gets the contents by using the Internet connection of the mobile phone. This may generate data transfer payments depending on the operator.

aText-TV displays third party advertises as a part of its user interface.


Jukka Harju Consulting owns the aText-TV application.

All provided teletext pages and other content are in the response of the concerned content provider. All provided teletext pages and other content and are applied by the copyrights and other laws in all countries.

A user has a right to browse content in a personal, non-commercial purpose.

Advertisements and statistics

aText-TV displays varying advertisements as a part of its user interface.

Statistics of the use of the application and the displayed advertisements can be collected by Jukka Harju Consulting, the advertisers and the content providers. The identity of a single user can not be resolved by the statistics.


The application and the accessible content are delivered as they are and without any warranty.
Jukka Harju Consulting is not responsible for any damages or losses that are related to the use of the application in any situation. The use of the application must obey the terms of usage. The use of the application can be stopped by removing the application installation from the device.

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